Power Students

„With students we want to work out
a Community for POWER Students."

My experiences as a lecturer show that we need you as a sponsor now, to make a difference much faster and more efficient.


As a sponsor you benefit

  • Discuss and vote on new project ideas
  • Add your own project ideas
  • Access to documents, sources and discussions
    • Learn to use and install your own open source BIRT environment in PASE
    • Learn about using open source RDF / SPARQL technology in PASE
  • Define your engagement


Students should receive the opportunity to build their own community website based on IBM i technology to enable them to

  • improve communication among POWER Students
  • manage POWER Projects
  • receive fast help and support by POWER spezialists
  • publish results of their scientific work related to POWER technology
  • enable communication with POWER companies
  • provide an alumni platform
  • host events to Meet & Greet with industry leaders

The business card

The situation of POWER students is is well described by the business card at www.power-students.eu.
So how can you intervene as a sponsor then?

no sponsor

Your contribution as a sponsor will be used 100% for the community and its POWER students.

no project

You can provide tasks that have a scientific claim and are to be resolved in the environment of IBM i systems.

no money

You can promote students in a project you define directly through this community.

no home

Enable students to create and manage their own community platform, which supports communication, dynamical growth and support for the community.

Your engagement

You want to engage for POWER students and get regular updates? You want to get in contact with POWER students?

Please send us a short message, what you can contribute as a sponsor and what you as a sponsor expect every semester and after a year.
You will then receive your user account and regular up-to-date information, even if that will require a certain amount of time before the start. We will be able to start with detailed results and informations based on the first 7 years.

We are and will not become a registered association. At the beginning of your sponsorship you will receive an invoice for the project start and we will inform you about the progress of the projects.
At the end of a semester or academic year you can decide whether and which initiatives you want to promote next. The community website will assist to manage that process.

On the other hand, we want to share our insights with IBM within the Academic Initiative and dynamically expand our contacts there, communicate critical findings relatively quickly, so that everyone can benefit from them promptly, not just 1-2 times per year, moreover dynamically on the basis of state-of-the-art technology, without jeopardizing the safety and protection of the students' work. All publications should be synchronized in DE / EN by the students.

As soon as this is financially possible, the options of the community website will be available for other lecturers and professors at universities of applied sciences and universities in the German-speaking and the European environment (English). That will require a membership in the Academic Initiative and an assignment for POWER topics.

Results from 7 years

So far, this has been supported in the business environment of the Sielhorst iT Beratung together with the IBM Academic Initiative and some initial partners. The long standing engagement in the IBM Requirements Team (CEAC 1996-2000, 2011-2017) has brought a lot of positive changes especially for students.

In the future, I will have to update and install only one tool for the internship each semester, because the Access Client Solutions for IBM i (ACS) run with (almost) every needed feature on Windows, Linux or Mac clients that were previously distributed in many tools. This is the way we long wanted it.

We can work with tools like

  • the „Bourne Again Shell“ (Bash),
  • the distributed version control Git or
  • the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)

to apply and evaluate new open source solutions to the Linux or i operating systems on POWER systems.

The fact that the use of these basics for the IBM i users are unusual and therefore very complex is a real opportunity for the students. They can learn this on a daily basis in other environments and then transfer their experience - e.g. into your company with i on Power, to enable the best synergy effects from experience and modernization.


Since 2010, together with partners and customers, each year 1 – 2 projects have been awarded or financed.

At this point we don't want to anticipate too much. Further details need to be presented on the website of the POWER students.

Manfred Sielhorst

Lecturer at University of Applied Science, Darmstadt, Germany