Software as Founding Service (SaGS)

Do you want to start a new business or deploy new IT infrastructure?

Convert your business idea into reality through the rapid deployment of a suitable technology platform supported by the use of appropriate software systems, leaving you to focus on your business strategy. We can assist you with selecting suitable SaaS solutions and developing appropriate systems to support your business.

First impressions are lasting, and quality and professionalism create the distinction. Optimise and integrate your systems to gain the most benefit for you and your customers.

The investment in infrastructure, marketing, software and processes often initially seem very expensive to finance, or too complex to design and implement.

A lack of integration or optimisation soon leads to considerable extra cost, or to systems that do not support your business as completely as it could. You know that:

  • Your customers are impatient and demanding lower priced products, but your processing costs are too high
  • Your invoicing process is slow and you are affecting your cashflow because of the delays in your invoicing process.
  • Any lack of detail on your invoices delay payment.
  • Lack of integration in your systems mean that newly acquired customers are not incorporated into the very next marketing and advertising push you undertake.
  • Your web presence is continuously out of date because your systems and processes are too cumbersome.
  • Your web presence is compromised because departments such as marketing, that actually use and drive your web presence, have to rely on limited web specialist resources, rather than being able to make changes themselves.

You need to decide now how best to support optimal growth of your company, without extensive funding required right from the start. The infrastructure you deploy should be able to flex and expand as the success of your business grows.

We not only advise, but also help and show you new ways for the selection and use of software. We assist from well established firms to newly started artisans and entrepreneurs. 

Our goal is to build long term constructive partnerships. Do not hesitate to call us to discuss how we can work together.