Enhanced analytical capabilities available directly out of BIRT reporting:  

Statistics   Control
Analysis of past time series and trends   Trend calculations and evaluations
Regression analyses   Cost calulations
Correlation analyses   Amortization and cashflow
Statistical tests   Credit- and investment calculations

Excel-like features from normal Eclipse BIRT reporting:

Definition of formulas  
Definition of names (named cells, areas)  
Definition of groups and filters  
Summation at beginning or end  
Definition of page layout  
Definition of print areas, including repetition of column headers  
Output into predefined Excel templates  
Output into multiple Excel sheets   
Formatting of cells, content, rows and columns   
Usage of styles  
Definition of conditional formating  
Alignment and wrapping of content in cells, text rotation  
Hide or show rows or columns  
Freeze of views  
Integration of images   

The use of macros are supported. Some macro environments may need some adjustments.  

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