Historical data managed by IBM i

History data is based on standard SQL:2011

The implementation in IBM i v7r3 has some extra features for DB2 i, that allow to support new and existing applications based on DDS or DDL.

For more detailed information, how to integrate that into your existing applications and how to plan for new ones, please contact us.

  • SQL:2011 Standard - how it works
  • DDS and DDL Scenarios - how to benefit
  • Software Modernization - which steps
  • Surrogates - does it work for my applications
  • High Availability and Replication Scenarios - which to choose
  • Journal Management - are there conflicts to resolve, efforts to reduce
  • System independent development - is that an option

Actual research projects with students

  • 2017-03 History by Temporal Support in IBM DB2 i.
    Usage of existing applications based on the duality of the database (DDS/DDL).
  • 2017-06 Analyzing options to efficiently introduce temporal support for existing web-applications.
    Compare such deployment on Linux and i on power.
  • 2017-03 Storing historical data for purposes around insurance companies.
    Comparison of own development and system based solutions related to DB2.